Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over My Head?

The short answer, yes. This was going to be a blog about my new hobby of brewing, but more pressing things have come up. Things that make brewing a batch of a Belgian inspired Dark Strong Ale without a recipe and just from reading a book, Brew Like a Monk, by Stan Hieronymus(and by the way this is only my second attempt)seem like sitting in the shallow end of the pool.
I am going to meet someone who will forever change my life in a couple of days. I will be meeting my daughter, my second child. I can't wait. It's a scary thing having a new life to care for, but I want to see who she is. I want to know that little person that has been kicking me in the back early in the morning. I want to see that personality develop and blossom. I want to count her toes, and fingers, and kiss her cheeks. I look forward to first smiles and the first time she laughs. Her first steps and first words(Oren you cannot contribute this time). It's going to be tough, the late night feedings and diaper changes. The colds and sniffles and tummy troubles(which can be explosive, Miranda taught me that). I can't wait to see what she looks like. Will she have red hair like her mom? Will it be wavy like mine? Will she have freckles? Will she have a nose like mine, or her mom's? Oh, I am in deep, deep water. I can swim though. I can tread. If I have to, I can hold my breath. I am over my head....isn't it wonderful?


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