Thursday, March 24, 2011

One down.....

I have a short list of things to do this year. I brewed a nice porter, that's number one. I have been wanting to brew more this year, so I already have another beer planned. A ale with peat smoked malt and aged with bourbon soaked oak chips. Sort of a nod at Scotch Wiskey. I may try an IPA or a wheat beer next, then maybe a Octoberfest or schwartzbier. We shall see.
Number 2 on my list is to finish the bike build I started last year. I have had some problems with parts, but I think I have everything now i just need to assemble. I hope to have it done this weekend. All I really need to do is take off the old brake levers, put on the new, run cables for the brakes, and wrap and shelac the bars. I really hope to be riding this bike soon.
The number 3 item is building a bow. I was into this a few years ago, before I got into cycling. I was just starting to get a good feel for things when I stopped. I have a maple board that will be almost perfect. It may not work as a self bow, so i may back it with some hemp twine. It will be a 72" neolithic European/Eastern Woodland type bow. The first bow I made was out of a red oak board. The same style and length, worked pretty good. It was 56 pounds at 28" of draw, but the grain wasn't perfect and it blew on me one day and almost took off my right ear. With the hemp backing that wont happen. I'm not sure when I'll start on this, but I have really been iching to start. I have been dreaming about building this bow. I should be able to crank it out over a weekend or two, but there are so many things to do.


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