Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ok, it has been a while since my last post. So what's been going on with my life? Let's see, I am now single, have moved to Greenwood where I work, so I commute by bike. Which is sooooo much better that the drive I had to make. I have joined the local YMCA and so far so good. I finally started to get some ride time in and not just the back and forth from work. With Fall on the way, I am just now feeling that I may be getting into shape. Mountain bike season is just a few weeks away for me and I need to do a little work on my Solo One. I mounted a suspension fork and front disc break and need to tighten up the headset, but that should be taken care of by the addition of a spacer, so no prob. I have been having some problems with the Mercian, I wore out a crankset already and have replaced the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket needs a little tightening, but the big problem is the tires. I have had seven or eight flats since May. I don't think I have had that many flats since I started riding again, so I put in an order for some new tires and we shall see. I would like to get another wheel set for the Mercian so I can switch out for road and trail. I have a spare front wheel, so I can get by with just a rear. I suppose I can save my pennies and pick one up somewhere, but there are so many things I want and quite a few I need. I' thinking of a new tat, but that may have to wait. There is so much I have to do to the new house. I moved on June 13th and I am still not completely unpacked. Well, back to the Mercian. I took it out on the trails in June and was I truly surprised at how well it handled the single track, almost as good as the Solo One. Even with the road tires, it did quite well, the guys at Mercian know what they are doing. I would have some pics up, but I have no Internet presently at home. More later.