Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday Night Fixed

Last night I did the Thursday night Callahan Challenge. Only three other guys showed, Stevo, Cameron, and Dr. Dave(?). All triathletes and all about 50 pounds lighter than me. I hang on for 3 miles and blow up on the first big hill. The rest of the time I was solo. 35 miles on my fixed gear, averaged 20+ for the first three, then dropped down to 18.1. When I got to dead rooster hill, a 1mile slog, I only dropped to 18. From there its four miles up hill with the occasional break until you get to Hodges. I see Austin and Derek heading the other way as I enter the small town. Shortly after I turn on Dixie Drive they catch up to me and we chat while they rest between intervals. They take off and I try to maintain a good pace and try to keep from cramping. Overall I averaged 18.1 on a fixed gear, my fastest ride this year.