Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The End....for Now

Well, last week we pulled the plug on the Greenwood Cycling Club. I was volunteered as President nearly three years ago and it was pretty much dead then. My life this past year has been difficult to say the least, so..... We got to the point where only the same four or five people would show for the meetings and a former member was doing a good job of undermining what we were trying to do as far as recruitment goes. So... like performing CPR on a person, there are three reasons to stop, 1) If someone takes your place...didn't happen. 2) If the person revives...nope, and 3) If you are too exhausted to continue....BINGO! Divorce, moving, new job, I just got tired. When I told Russ to kill the website, I felt a weight I didn't know I had lifted from my shoulders. We will still ride, we will still get together on occasion, but the Greenwood Cycling Club is no longer an official club.....but who knows what the future holds.